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  1. sbRandCDFInv (VBA)

    Generate distributed random numbers for a given explicit inverse cumulative distribution function

  2. sbRandPDF (VBA)

    Generate random numbers with a linear proxy of the inverse cumulative distribution function

  3. sbRandHistogrm (VBA)

    Create a histogram distribution of random numbers

  4. sbRandSum1 (VBA)

    Generate random numbers which sum up to 1

  5. sbRandCauchy (VBA)

    Generate 'Cauchy' distributed random numbers

  6. sbRandIntFixSum (VBA)

    Generate random integers between two boundaries which sum up to N

  7. sbLongRandSumN (VBA)

    Generate random integers which sum up to N

  8. sbRandomNoRepeatBeforeN (VBA)

    Generate random numbers which will not reappear within the next N draws