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  1. RoundToSum (VBA)

    Rounding values preserving their rounded sum

  2. Distribution due to remaining Positions (Excel / VBA)

    Distribute deleted values onto remaining ones

  3. Assign Work Units Reduced by Delivered (Excel / VBA)

    Assign Work Units, Taking into Account Delivered Units

  4. Allocation of Overheads (Excel / VBA)

    Distribute Overhead Costs to Products

  5. Rounding Values Alters their Sum (VBA)

    How likely does Rounding Values Alter their Rounded Sum

  6. RoundToSum vs Other Methods (Excel / VBA)

    Compare different Methods of Rounding values preserving their rounded sum

  7. sbFairStaffSelection (VBA)

    Fair Staff Selection for Special Tasks Based on Team Sizes

  8. sbExactRandHistogrm (VBA)

    Create an exact histogram distribution of type double