“Protect me from oil, water, insects and loose bonding, and above all, O Lord, protect me from falling into the hands of a fool.” [Ancient Indian manuscript]

Books You might Want to Read

A list of useful books from my point of view. Try to get the newest edition - I wrote down the ISBN of the copy I possess.


Lyle M. Spencer & Signe M. Spencer, Competence at Work, ISBN 0-471-54809-X

Identify good performance and necessary competencies. See Competence at Work.

Roger Fisher & William Ury, Getting to Yes, ISBN 0-14-015735-2

Negotiating agreement without giving in.

Martin Gardner, aha! Insight, ISBN 0-7167-1017-X

A confounding collection of brain-twisters in six categories - combinatorial, geometric, numerical, logical, procedural, and verbal.

Edward de Bono, Lateral Thinking, ISBN 0-06-090325-2

Creativity step by step.

The Chicago Manual of Style, ISBN 0-226-10390-0

Good for any documentation or any other paper you need to present.


Ernst & Young, The Manager’s Handbook, ISBN 0-7474-1149-2

General required principles for managing a company.

L. Kent Lineback, Being the Boss, ISBN 0-87942-212-2

The craft of managing people.


George PĆ³lya, How to Solve It, ISBN 0-691-02356-5

Instructions on stripping away irrelevancies and going straight to the heart of the problem.

Darrel Huff, How to Lie with Statistics, ISBN 0-14-013629-0

A guide through the maze of facts and figures that is designed to make us believe anything.

Computer Science

Frederick P. Brooks, The Mythical Man-Month, ISBN 0-201-00650-2

A classic on computer projects - they are more similar to a pregnancy than to a rice field. It does not matter how many people you assign, you should not expect a result before some fix amount of time.

Jon Bentley, Programming Pearls, ISBN 0-201-10331-1

Programming tricks and techniques.

Risk Management

Duncan Martin, Managing Risk in Extreme Environments, ISBN 978-0-7494-4945-2

Epidemic, Wildfire, Terrorism, …, Flood, Earthquake.

Paul Wilmott, Frequently Asked Questions in Quantitative Finance, ISBN 978-0-470-05826-8

The most important principles and methods.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Black Swan, ISBN 978-0-1410-3459-1

Stop trying to predict everything and take advantage of uncertainty.