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Book leather is quite sensitive. If not treated properly, it will dry and crack. Every four years you should apply suitable book leather care. The recipe shown here can be ordered from many pharmacies. It was passed down by a librarian from a library in Göttingen.


Ingredient Amount
Thymol 5.5 g
Neatsfoot Oil (oleum pedum tauri) 100 ml
Beeswax (cera flava) 30 g

Production as an Ointment

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First, fill 5.5 g of thymol powder with a spoon into beaker placed on an accurate scale. Then, add 100 ml of neatsfoot oil (resulting in 105.5 g). Meanwhile, heat up 30 g of beeswax chips in a basin. To achieve a good mixture of thymol and the neatsfoot oil, place the beaker in a basin of hot water and stir the mixture. The beeswax needs to be added at the same temperature, or the ingredients will not mix well. Use thermometers to ensure temperatures of around 60°C. Pour the beeswax into the thymol-neatsfoot oil mixture and stir well. Finally, pour the ointment into two jars and wait for them to cool down and solidify. You can write the labels for the jars while waiting.